What is DLLD?

Discovering linguistics/Linguistic Discoveries (DLLD) is a series of six short lectures spread throughout the academic year (roughly once per month during term time). It is funded by the UGent initiative Internationalisation@Home, which aims to provide an international educational experience at UGent complementing e.g. Erasmus exchange programmes and the like.

DLLD is aimed at presenting in an accessible and attractive fashion a number of linguistic topics to Bachelor students, but is also open to Master students and faculty. Each lecture lasts about one hour and is taught in English by a top international speaker. The lectures touch upon themes in phonology, morphology, syntax, language perception, language contact and change approached by a contrastive perspective (e.g. German / Romance; Classic / Modern; Greek / Romance etc.) and focus on the languages studied in the Bachelor Programme ‘Two Languages’.

All lectures are video-recorded and will be made available in due time. Please see under ‘Lectures’.

Bachelor students attending DLLD lectures can get credits for courses within their programmes; for questions and conditions, please contact your professors or us.