30 November 2017: Maria Garraffa (Heriot Watts University, Edinburgh) “Mechanisms of language learning in children with developmental language disorder”


Is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) a domain-specific impairment or the outcome of the damage in domain-general cognitive mechanisms? Which are the linguistics markers proposed to identify the DLD? Is DLD a delay in the language onset or it is manifested as dissociation of different language components? In this talk we will discuss language profiles in children with DLD, with an emphasis on the investigations of the mechanisms beyond grammatical learning and recent applications of syntactic priming for language learning and intervention.



Short Bio

Maria Garraffa is Assistant Professor at Heriot- Watt University (Edinburgh) where she teaches and does research on Language Acquisition and impairment. Developed in parallel with a core interest for language impairment, her research on multilingualism addresses the effects of early second language learning in immigrants and heritage language speakers.

She was Research fellow at University of Siena, Milano Bicocca, Newcastle University, Edinburgh University and visiting scholar at Harvard Neuropsychology Lab.