10 May 2021: Hae-Sung Jeon (U Central Lancashire), “Intonation: From Phonetics to Meaning”



Intonation – speech melody – has important functions such as signalling the speaker identity, attitude, linguistic structure of the utterance, and high information sites in speech. Traditionally linguists carried out an auditory and impressionistic analysis of intonation, but now anyone can easily visualise intonation using a free computer programme at home. In this talk, I will demonstrate how researchers take phonetic measurements from the visible intonational contours and present examples showing the mapping between intonational shapes and meaning in various languages.


You can re-watch the lecture here:



Hae-Sung Jeon is Senior Lecturer at the School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies at the University of Central Lancashire (UK). She was awarded an MSc in Developmental Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh (UK) and a PhD in Phonetics at the University of Cambridge (UK). Her current work focuses on the production and perception of intonation in English and Korean.